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 Alberto Rodriguez Serrano

Alberto Rodríguez Serrano was born in 1988 in Madrid. He began his journey in the artistic world as a child, his first memories were among pencils and paintings.

After basic education, he entered the UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He graduated with honors with an average of 9.2 (outstanding, A) in the second cycle of that career, specializing in Plastic Arts, and obtaining numerous honorable mention (The highest possible score in the academic university World) among which we can name: Natural Drawing, Photography, Anatomical Drawing, Chalcographic Engraving and Printing Techniques.


Among other achievements we can mention the awarding of the diploma by the Department of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid with honorable mention for art works and studies about “applied morphological anatomy” donated to national heritage. Or also be a collaborator as an assistant professor at the UCM in the lessons of Lithography.


He also studied at the “National Mint and Stamp Factory” from Spain. Diploma in printing techniques, engraving and graphic design, handed over by Her Majesty the Queen of Spain Doña Sofía.

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From 2014 to 2019, the artist's presence can be called widely international. He collaborated with numerous galleries located in four continents, such as Spain, Italy, Poland, United States, China, New Zealand, Colombia and Panama among others.

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